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about me

howdy! I'm Caroline.

my first love is horses & my second is photography, & tiny stories photography is my way of combining the two. to me, there's no better place to be than in the saddle with a camera in my hand! I've spent the past two summers as a wrangler in Wyoming (& made it my entire personality, oops) & now I work on the breeding side of the reining industry.

it brings me so much joy to capture the small moments of western life. broodmares at feeding time, ropers giving each other hell behind the chute, gathering a herd of horses in the morning. with those moments in mind, the idea of tiny stories photography was born! I think that every photo really is its own little story that can take us right back whenever we look at it.

I would love to capture the tiny stories of your life! whether you're looking for shots of your little one's first family branding, behind the scenes of what life on your ranch looks like, or your town's annual summer rodeo, I'm your girl. let's get something started!

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